About Leda



Having been on the breast cancer healing journey herself,  Leda knows personally what it feels like to be overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty at the first diagnosis, through treatment and even post treatment.  She now utilizes her own personal experience along with her knowledge and expertise to help women navigate through their healing journey.

Leda is a a holistic cancer coach certified by the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education and is an ambassador for their programs.  Her mission is to help people by providing education on how to prevent, cope with and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle, meditation and other immune boosting strategies.

Whether you need help navigating through conventional treatment choices, integrating alternative healing to your conventional treatment choices, need support choosing alternative treatments instead of conventional treatment options, or need help creating a  holistic cancer recurrence prevention protocol, Leda will be able to assist you in navigating through the myriad of overwhelming information that is out there to come up with a unique program to suit your needs and goals.   Coaching provides a holistic individual plan which may include: 


Using Different Modalities

In addition to her training from the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, Leda has extensive background in the healing arts.

She has twenty five years of extensive experience teaching, competing and performing in Tai Chi and Qi Gong,  Leda considers Master Bow Sim Mark of the Tai Chi Arts Association her most influential teacher and has trained under her for over ten years as a private student.

She has also studied homeopathy at the New York School of Homeopathy and also under the direction of Master Homeopath Louis Klein completing the Foundation Course, and Masters Clinicians Program through Luminous Homeopathy.

She is a reiki master completing her training under Master Starr Beauvais.  

Leda combines the different modalities to create the best wellness and healing program for her clients. 


A Thousand Cranes Studio

Leda offers workshops, private healing session/training and consultations at her private studio.  To find out more about her studio please follow this link: www.athousandcranestudio.space