Finding Your Warrior Spirit


Diminish the fear associated with a breast cancer diagnosis

When faced with a diagnosis such as breast cancer, one of the biggest hurdle is overcoming the paralyzing fear that comes with the word “cancer” itself, and the uncertainty that tags along with it. 

By finding inner balance and harmony, you will be able to make decisions from a place of calm, instead of fear, which is crucial in your healing journey from cancer. In addition, the program will help you develop skills and tools to promote a sense of peace and well being in your mind, body and spirit.

Ignite Courage, Build Strength and Balance with Tai chi/Qi Gong and Reiki

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Reiki are all well known for their benefits of mind/body wellness. The foundation of tai chi is in taoism and martial arts, which in its simplest terms, is a philosophy which teaches harmony of mind, body and spirit with shows way to best flow with the rhythm of nature and your life.   

Customized Programs

Leda will customize a program that will best fit your finances, needs and schedule. Meeting once a week, customizing a home practice routine, or perhaps scheduling Leda travel to your home for a private home session, Leda will work with you to come up with an optimal program just for you.   



Six  (one hour)private reiki healing sessions and six ( one hour)private tai chi or qi gong coaching: Each week you will schedule two sessions, with Leda, and take home exercises to practice daily.   

at A Thousand Cranes Studio                                  $950

Private at Home Sessions                                         $1900


Four (90 minute) private healing sessions of your choice.  This can be all reiki, all tai chi, or a combination of reiki, tai chi and qi gong.  Please consult with Leda to create a booster program to suit your needs.

at A Thousand Cranes Studio                                 $480

Private at Home Session                                          $950  

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