Holistic Approach to Cancer

Whether you need help navigating through conventional treatment choices, integrating alternative healing to your conventional treatment choices, need support choosing alternative treatments instead of conventional treatment options, or need help creating a  holistic cancer recurrence prevention protocol, Leda will be able to assist you in navigating through the myriad of overwhelming information that is out there to come up with a unique program to suit your needs and goals.   Coaching provides a holistic individual plan which may include: 

  • Holistic approach to cancer
  • Patient driven program
  • Holistic needs assessment
  • Individualized holistic game plan
  • Nutritional resources to minimize treatment side effects
  • Learning to minimize recurrence
  • Advantages of nutrition in a cancer treatment program
  • Foods to include and foods to avoid and why
  • Implementing dietary changes
  • Importance of detoxification
  • Natural ways to deal with pain
  • The importance of meditation
  • Incorporating Mind/body wellness
  • Other modalities to support the cancer survivor    


Mind/Body Wellness


Creating Harmony and Balance

Leda has extensive experience in the healing arts of tai chi, qi gong, and reiki and interweaves the modalities as needed in her clients healing progrram. 


Taichi is a very ancient form of exerise and healing of the mind and body with the foundation based in martial arts.  It is a very gentle practice suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities.

The practice of Taichi promotes balance and harmony of the mind and body, a very crucial part in the healing component for the patient recovering, or healing from cancer.


Reiki is a gentle form of healing using spiritually guided energy.  It is well known to help promote health and well being and also helps alleviate pain.

The energy that you receive during a reiki session  taps into your body’s innate healing wisdom and promotes creativity and alignment with positivity.

Reiki is now offered at many of the nations top hospitals.


Set up a Consulatation

Leda is passionate about health and well-being and  works with her clients to achieve optimal health though improved lifestyle choices.  She works along side other practitioners to provide support and guidance depending on personal situations.

Consultations may be done in person or via Skype, Facetime, Zoom.

Please contact her by email or phone to set up your initial consultation.

Initial Consultation


This consultation usually takes about 1.5 hours.  Leda will take a full health history and work through your  health concerns and come up with a plan to reclaim your health.

Follow Up Consultation


This appointment is for one hour in duration and focuses on your progress from your initial consultation.